Crowd Pull Rope

In the online game 'Crowd Pull Rope', players are tasked with controlling a crowd and pulling all objects to their side. The objective is to outsmart and beat your enemies by effectively using helpers and mastering the art of crowd control.

One of the key mechanics in the game is sliding right and left to control the running people within your crowd. By strategically maneuvering your group, you can navigate through obstacles and optimize your pulling speed.

To achieve victory, it is crucial to make use of the available helpers. These characters can aid you in overcoming challenges and outperforming your opponents. Each helper possesses unique abilities and strengths, so choose wisely and utilize their skills to your advantage.

As you progress through the game, obstacles will become more frequent and challenging. It is essential to avoid them as much as possible to maintain a fast and efficient pulling pace. The faster you can pull objects towards your side, the greater your chances of success.

Success in 'Crowd Pull Rope' heavily relies on your ability to strategize and react quickly. By carefully controlling your crowd, using helpers effectively, and avoiding obstacles, you can increase your chances of pulling ahead and achieving victory.

Good luck as you embark on this thrilling online gaming adventure. May your crowd control skills and pulling prowess lead you to triumph in 'Crowd Pull Rope'!


Please move your finger to the right or left across the screen.
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