Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run
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From the legendary house of Nintendo, 'Super Mario Run' is a delightful incarnation of our favorite classic game. This game perfectly marries the old-school Super Mario charm with modern gaming sensibilities to give you a truly engaging and captivating adventure right at your fingertips.

Unlike the original side-scrolling games, 'Super Mario Run' offers an auto-runner format where our dear plumber friend, Mario, never stops running. Yes, that's right! Mario is now more athletic and agile than ever, which elevates the whole gameplay to exciting new levels. Don't let this mechanic fool you into thinking the game is easy though. The fact that you are mainly in control of the jumping allows for a gameplay that is a balance between simple mechanics and strategic depth.

In terms of graphics, 'Super Mario Run' is a complete knockout. It adopts a more polished and vivid look when compared to the pixelated charms of the original games. The colors are vibrant, the movements are smooth, and the character design retains the charm of the classic Mario game, striking a perfect balance between nostalgia and novelty.

The gameplay is set across various themed worlds, packed with classic enemies like Goombas and Koopas. Each world is unique and offers diverse challenges, which keeps players gripped. Not to mention, the boss battles are brilliantly executed - they test your run-and-jump reflexes while also requiring strategic thinking to outmaneuver and defeat.

Moreover, 'Super Mario Run' introduces a novel mode called 'Toad Rally', where you compete against players from across the globe. The competitive edge offered by this mode adds an extra layer of excitement to the regular gameplay. It enhances the replayability factor, ensuring that no two runs are the same, providing for a different gaming experience each time.

One of the standout features is the 'Kingdom Builder' mode. Here, you get the chance to create your custom runner-friendly kingdom by earning coins and toads, which is a unique spin to the classic formula. It adds a certain level of depth and customization to the game and gives you a breather from the heart-pounding running sections.

Inherited from its illustrious predecessors, Super Mario Run's sound design includes the familiar cheerful tunes that up the nostalgia factor in a huge way. Truly, nothing spells a Mario game better than its iconic sound effects, and this game ensures to keep that legacy intact.

However, one thing that might be a slight hiccup to some players is the always-online requirement of the game. It can be a limiting factor for those looking to play on-the-go, especially in areas with spotty internet connection.

Priced at $10 for full access after the initial few levels, some might find it a bit steep. But considering the sheer amount of content and the replayability factor, it's a worthwhile investment for both casual gamers and Mario enthusiasts alike.

In essence, 'Super Mario Run' is a phenomenal extension of the timeless Super Mario franchise. It effortlessly captures the essence of the classic game while infusing it with new-age gaming technology. Whether you're a long-time Mario fan seeking a slice of nostalgia or a newbie looking for a fun, challenging mobile game, 'Super Mario Run' will not disappoint. It's a love letter to the franchise's fans and a testament to Nintendo's enduring brilliance.
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