Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20
Platform: AndroidiOS
Price: $5.99


When it comes to blending the charm of rural idyllic life with engaging simulation mechanics, nothing hits the mark better than the world of 'Farming Simulator 20.' Far more than just a bundle of virtual tasks and advancement scenarios, Farming Simulator 20 presents a friendly, immersive, and surprisingly calming agricultural adventure that doubles as a time-passing, strategy-based fun simulator.

Driving through the game, we find ourselves traversing captivatingly vast and well-crafted North American environments, dotted with lush fields ready to be cultivated and crops ready to be harvested. The graphics are impressively detailed for a mobile game, with moving weather patterns, a dynamic day-night cycle, and realistic portrayals of machinery and crops. If aesthetics matter to you, Farming Simulator 20 certainly serves up a bountiful harvest.

Getting down to the crops, you've got choices from staple wheat to popular corn, barley, potatoes, oat, and cotton, among others. The addition of cotton and oat for the first time in the series adds a new dimension to your farming strategies, making the gameplay much more encompassing and diverse.

And to make harvesting these crops easier, Farming Simulator 20 equips you with over 100 realistic farming vehicles and tools from some of the biggest names in the industry, including John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and many more. This use of licensing points to the developers' intention to give the game an immersive, genuine feel, positioning you closer to a real-life farming experience.

More than ever, Farming Simulator 20 highlights the addition of animal husbandry, allowing you to breed pigs, cows, and sheep, and even ride your own horses for the first time in the mobile version of the game. This playful feature not only acts as a fascinating layer of depth but also adds stark contrast to the fields of crops, allowing for a more engaging, diversified gameplay experience.

Beyond the solo gratification of tending to the farms and animals, the game also features an engaging multiplayer mode that allows farm enthusiasts to collaborate and compete with up to 6 players. The concept of building an agrarian empire with your friends opens up exciting social dynamics, making intense strategy and careful planning rewarding.

One grooming factor of the game is its challenging economic system. Successfully running your farm involves effective budgeting of resources, understanding market trends, and smartly investing in new machinery and land. This strategic jumble of decisions keeps the gameplay consistently intriguing and will have you dreaming of crop yields and livestock sales.

Farming Simulator 20 isn’t perfect, however. The tutorials could be more lucid, a beginner might encounter teething troubles while understanding the game functions and the controls in certain machineries are a bit clunky. To some, its slow-paced farming routine may seem monotonous. However, the game's unique charm lies in its seemingly simple rhythm of life that gradually pulls you into its immersive world full of tasks and rewards.

In conclusion, Farming Simulator 20 brings the countryside to your fingertips in a stunning, realistic, and deeply satisfying way. For those who appreciate the nuanced world of agriculture or enjoy the calming rhythm of nurture and growth, Farming Simulator 20 delivers an exceptional, surprising, and deeply strategic world of farming. This game truly shows that the simulation genre can provide a fruitful landscape for novelty, relaxation, and immersive fun. Assess your agricultural acumen and give it a try!
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